Tratamiento de riles

What is sewage and wastewater treatment?

Descubre en qué consiste el proceso de gestión de las aguas residuales industriales de la mano de Resiter.

Water and wastewater treatment: definition

This is the treatment system for liquid industrial waste generated as a result of a productive process, activity or service, which requires decontamination treatment before it reaches the sewage or surface water networks.

This is due to the fact that many of them contain toxic substances that are difficult to biodegrade and, if not properly treated, endanger the health of the surroundings and the environment.

What does Resiter’s wastewater treatment consist of?

At Resiter we offer you an integral water and wastewater treatment system, which is adjusted to the needs of each client and to the specific characteristics of each industry, with the objective of finding an optimal solution between the quality of the treated water and the costs of the operation.

In addition, we carry out quality controls for companies to ensure the correct operation of their services, and we advise them on the opportunities for improvement that they can implement with respect to wastewater prevention. This is to ensure that they comply with current regulations.

Our proposal is to take full charge of the management of the water and wastewater system of our clients: from the preliminary analysis, to the construction and operation of the treatment plant.

Thus, we take the project from its genesis (we gather information in the field, diagnose the wastewater treatment plant’s effluent management, carry out the basic conceptual engineering and detail engineering necessary to bid for the construction and assembly of the equipment) and we follow it through all its phases, until it results in the appropriate method for the treatment process of each specific industry (mining, agro-industry, salmon farming, rendering, etc.).

Likewise, our multidisciplinary staff identifies the best technological options, brands and equipment for the design and development of the treatment plants, considering the available budget and always ensuring the optimal integration of the different specialties of the project.

Our services include:

 – Design, construction and erection of WTPs and DWTPs (Drinking Water Treatment Plants).

 – Operation and maintenance (we process 14.5 million mt3 of water in treatment plants and 900 thousand mt3 of liquid waste managed).

 – Provision of supplies, materials and equipment.

 – Cleaning and sanitization of accumulator tanks.

 – Removal of activated sludge.

 – Start-up.

 – Road wetting.

 – Transportation.


Industries that manage their industrial wastewater treatment with Resiter

In general, any industry that disposes of liquid waste must comply with the regulations, depending on where it discharges its waste (sewage, surface water, etc.). It must have a preventive program and an efficient action plan, supervised and designed by experts in LILW treatment and waste management.

These are some of the industries to which we provide our services in this area: agriculture, food, construction, renewable energy, forestry/cellulose, livestock/poultry, manufacturing, mining, shipping, oil, salmon/aquaculture/mitigiculture and viticulture.


We are committed to waste management

At Resiter, our commitment is to the environment, so each year we convert and transform into new raw materials about 1 million tons of solid waste through all the stations of the Circular Economy (recycle, revalue and reuse).

We offer companies a wide range of services to manage their waste, with the purpose of saving in their production model while reducing the impact caused by waste generation and contributing to a more sustainable planet.